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A little bit about myself


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Hello, everybody! My name is Andrii, but most people here know me as Ghotfall.

The main purpose of this blog is to share interesting stories about my life, work and hobbies!


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A little bit about myself

I am a student from Ukraine, I live in Vinnitsa now. It’s not my hometown, my real home is 550 km away from here, near the Black Sea, but now I visit it quite rarely.


Study and work

I’m studying to be a software engineer. I’m interested in programming since 8th class, when I started creating simple websites on HTML and CSS. Next two years I was improving my skills: I learned more about JS, PHP, even had some practise with MySQL - all this stuff was used for creating more complex websites.

But by the end of 10th class I was a little bit tired of all this “web things”. In addition, that time was the beggining of wave of JS-frameworks like Angular and React, but I wasn’t interested in them. In result, I switched to C++ and had some experience with OpenGL (nothing special, just few hobby projects).

By now my main programming languages are Java, Kotlin and Golang. Yes, time changed a lot of stuff. Java and Kotlin are used by me for university projects and development on Android. And Golang is used for my work - I am working as DevOps besides studing in university, so I already have experience with Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP and some other stuff.


In free time I like drawing. I have only around a year of experience, but I have already tried both traditional and digital drawing.

Check it!

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